Co-design Workshop

The Co-design Workshop is the process we use in order to help entrepreneurs and companies design a new digital product, and take the most important choices for its development.

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We created the Co-design Workshop to condense into a single process the value of different methodologies that we have studied and applied for years – including Design Sprint by Google Ventures, User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton, and Agile methodology for software development.

When to use it

The Co-Design Workshop is the right choice for you if:

  • You have to define the User Experience and the high-level technological features of a new digital product;
  • You already have a hypothesis about the business model and the main features of your new product.

How it works

The Co-design Workshop involves designers and developers from our team and your key people. We customize the workshop structure for each project. Usually these activities are included:


    We meet your team to learn more about your product's business goals, the problems it wants to solve, the competitive scenario, etc.

  • MAP

    We map the product’s features and UX, using User Story Mapping or other similar techniques.


    We draw the wireframes of the main parts of the product. In some cases we also produce some hi-fi layouts, to show the look & feel we want to achieve.


    We carry out a technical analysis to define one or more possible technological solutions for the development of your product.


    We produce an operational proposal for product development, which includes the suggested development approach, economic estimates and time estimates.

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