Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a five-day process that allows you to reduce risks and invest more consciously in a new project.

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Design Sprint

How it works

For five days, a unique interdisciplinary team made up of people from both our team and yours work together following this schedule:

  • Day 1: Understand

    The goal of the day is to create a shared understanding and knowledge of the problem to be solved, of its constraints and critical success factors.

  • Day 2: Solutions

    The focus is on the exploration of different possible solutions to the problem. The team generates a range of potentially effective product concepts.

  • Day 3: Decision

    Among all the possible concepts, the best are selected in order to define the exact features of the prototype which will be made the following day.

  • Day 4: Prototype

    The team builds a prototype of the main features of the product. The prototype is usually made of some realistic interactive layouts.

  • Day 5: Test

    The prototype is tested by interviewing some potential users of the product.

What you will get

  • Prototype

    Some hi-fi layouts and an interactive prototype.

  • Interviews

    The full audio-video recording of testing interviews with potential users of the product.

  • Report

    A document that summarizes all the work done during the Design Sprint, highlights the main content and what we learned from the test, and offers suggestions for following steps.

  • Operational proposal and work plan
(when applicable)

    A document that describes the proposed approach for the development of the product, and outlines a work plan and a cost estimate.

  • Pitch Deck(additional)

    For entrepreneurs and startups who are raising funds, we can help make a product presentation (pitch deck) using the information gathered in the Design Sprint.

We only do two Design Sprints each month.

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