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As a team of design and technology professionals, we partner with our clients to create beautiful and functional digital products such as websites, web applications and mobile apps. Our studio is based in Milan, Italy inside Talent Garden – the leading European network for digital innovation.

Our principles

1. Co-creation

We’ve learned that innovation is a process, not a product. That’s why we involve our clients in co-design activities and progressively shape the brightest solutions with them. We sketch ideas using paper and pens, allowing everyone to visualise and share their own thoughts.

2. Simplicity

In every project we challenge the initial assumptions, striving to find the very simple experience that delight users. We use Lean and Agile methodologies to deliver new projects fast to market, organising our work in iterative and incremental releases.

3. Design & Technology as one

We believe design and technology are one thing. In order to design a technological product you must understand how it works. In order to code a complex interface you have to master the laws of interaction. Starting from an idea, our multidisciplinary team can release working code in a matter of weeks.

What we do

For startup founders

We work with ambitious ventures such as Wanderio, Rataran and MyFoody to design their brand identity and build a Minimum Viable Product.

For tech companies

We collaborate with leading tech firms such as, Translated and Talent Garden to improve and extend their products.

For R&D and Innovation Managers

We help established companies such as Europcar, Intesa Sanpaolo, Banca Etica and Axpo to experiment with new digital product ideas.

Who we are

  • Giovanni Zennaro

    Giovanni Zennaro

    Partner, CEO
  • Sergio Panagia

    Sergio Panagia

    Partner, Technical Director
  • Matteo Montolli

    Matteo Montolli

    Partner, Design Director
  • Paolo Tripodi

    Paolo Tripodi

  • Valerie Tonolli

    Valerie Tonolli

  • Michele Giorgi

    Michele Giorgi

    Designer & Developer
  • Giacomo Alonzi

    Giacomo Alonzi

  • Simone Quattrocchi

    Simone Quattrocchi

  • Claudio Benech

    Claudio Benech

  • Stefano Schileo

    Stefano Schileo

    System Administrator
  • Roberta Colombo

    Roberta Colombo

    Studio Manager

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