Rethinking the identity and UX of a financial social network

Investing your own savings shouldn’t be for just finance experts. AdviseOnly wants to make it easy for everyone to understand financial information.

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  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Dev
  • WordPress

Besides having free access to the market, private savers hold much less information than professionals.

AdviseOnly allows you to acquire greater awareness and confidence in making investments, through personal finance services and useful tips.

This financial social network has got 13,000 private savers portfolios, for a total amount of 500 million euros.

Brand identity

We helped AdviseOnly redesign their brand identity. We started from the existing company values and vision, trying to communicate them in a cooler and smarter way.

Focus on data visualization

Working side by side with AdviseOnly founders we deeply understood financial language and topics. This was extremely important in order to be able to transform it into simplified metaphors and graphic elements.

We designed a visually effective User Interface, with the aim to make it simple for everyone to interact with complex information and data.

Together with AdviseOnly in-house tech team we choose AngularJS as the best framework for the front-end development.

AdviseOnly Blog

AdviseOnly team is also committed in managing a financial blog. Through their editorial work they want to create awareness on topics linked to personal finance and investment.

We built a completely new blog version, consistent with the new brand identity guidelines. We developed the blog as a custom theme for WordPress CMS.

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