Co-designing a new EdTech platform

These are the steps we took to help Caira Education, a Spanish startup, define the product concept of a new educational solution.

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Caira Education


  • Co-design Workshop

Tano Lopez founded Fleed in Madrid in 2015, with the aim of connecting universities and young people who want to study abroad. After two rounds of investment and winning some competitions including TrepCamp at the University of California, the startup decided to reposition its brand – changing its name to Caira Education – and build a new digital platform for its users from scratch.

Tano Lopez and his team met Moze in 2020, with the aim of defining the features of the new technology platform and identifying the right product to make.

We proposed that the Caira Education team go through an exploratory process called Co-design Workshop, consisting of comprehension activities, co-design sessions, wireframe production and elaboration of a technical analysis.

In the Co-design Workshop, we condensed the best of various tools we have successfully adopted in the past:

The workshop sessions took place entirely remotely, with the Caira Education team based in Madrid and Moze based in Milan. We used Google Meet as video conferencing software and Whimsical as whiteboarding software.

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