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ClioMakeUp is the largest Italian beauty community, with millions of active users every month. Since 2016, Moze has supported ClioMakeUp in the development of the brand’s web properties.

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2016 – ongoing

  • UX & UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Front-end Dev
  • WordPress
  • Shopify

Founded in 2008 in New York from an idea of the famous digital entrepreneur and make-up artist Clio Zammatteo and her husband Claudio Midolo, ClioMakeUp is today’s leading digital publisher in the Beauty sector in Italy. Through a structured network presence – blog, Facebook page, YouTube channels, Instagram profile and other channels – ClioMakeUp is a reference point for a vast and heterogeneous audience.

In 2016, TeamClio chose Moze as a technical partner to work on the WordPress-based ClioMakeUp Blog, visited monthly by 2.4 million unique users, for a total of over 10 million page views per month.

Designing with users: the new photogallery

The first project we undertook consisted in the design of a custom module for photo galleries visualisation, with the two-fold goal of offering Clio’s community a better experience when viewing images and allowing ClioMakeUp to evolve its advertising strategy – managing a personalised insertion of texts, images and videos within individual galleries.

We involved blog users in the design process to perform real-time testing of several layouts, until we found the optimal UX. Finally, we developed a WordPress plugin to integrate the new image display system into the blog.

A new WordPress Theme

We supported Claudio Midolo – co-founder and CTO of the brand – in an important evolutionary step of the ClioMakeUp Blog. The goal was to abandon the old layout, which was set up largely as a personal blog, to adopt a new structure with features closer to those of a web magazine.

Starting from a solid WordPress theme, extremely widespread in the publishing field, we focused mainly on high-value interventions, such as interface customisation – so that it fully conveys ClioMakeUp’s mood – and optimisation of navigation flows to allow a pleasant User Experience.

We continue to take care of the evolutionary and technical maintenance of the blog, with particular attention to safety and performance elements.

Take a look at the ClioMakeUp Blog.

ClioMakeUp e-commerce website

In 2017, ClioMakeUp decided to launch an online shop to sell proprietary make-up products. We supported TeamClio to develop an e-commerce site based on Shopify, an SaaS platform that offers a feature-rich back-office whilst allowing enormous flexibility in the design of customised User Interfaces.

Visit the ClioMakeUpShop.

Launching ClioPopUp

Year 2018 saw the launch of ClioPopUp, the new temporary store format designed by Clio and its team, set to launch in the main Italian cities. ClioPopUp allows customers to buy all ClioMakeUp brand products in physical stores, whilst physically immersing themselves in Clio’s universe, as well as to meet her in person during the inauguration events.

We have designed and developed the ClioPopUp site, an explosion of joy.

Go to the ClioPopUp website.

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