The online car accident report

We helped Datlas and the AXA Group to design a web application for filling out accident report on a smartphone.

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  • UX & UI Design

Datlas, a technology company specialising in Business Process Outsourcing, has involved us in creating a new digital service – based on the proprietary platform Datlas Dome – for the insurance group AXA.

The AXA Group, which is a leader in providing online policies, wanted to make the experience of filling out the car accident report easier for its customers, offering them the innovative opportunity to manage the report of an accident via smartphone.

We involved the Datlas and AXA teams in a co-design workshop, during which the candidate solution concept was developed. A web application was chosen to allow customers to manage the accident report form on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

Following the workshop, we designed the User Experience and the User Interface for the new service, called Quixa CAI Online.


We have designed a User Experience that will ensure the customer feels guided through all the steps, thus enabling them to correctly fill out the accident report even in the event of severe stress due to a recently occurring traffic accident.

Geolocation and automation

Filling out the form is further facilitated as some steps have been automated, including:

  • Automatic identification of the accident location through geolocation
  • Automatic recognition of the vehicle licence plate via the smartphone camera
  • Licence scan via OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Auto-filling of customer and vehicle data via connection to the Quixa database


The web application allows user to take photographs and attach them as evidence to the accident report.

Notifications via SMS and email

Thanks to this new solution, the counter-party involved in the accident receives a notification via SMS with simple instructions for countersigning the accident report.

At the end of the process, the service sends a signed copy of the form to the email address of both parties and to the insurance company.

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