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After the huge success of Fatture in Cloud, MadBit Entertainment decided to create a SaaS solution for managing human resources.

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Dipendenti in Cloud

2017 – 2018

  • UX & UI Design
  • User Testing

MadBit Entertainment, a company founded by Daniele Ratti, is known for launching Fatture in Cloud, a Software as a Service solution for billing, dedicated to freelancers and small businesses. In 2015, Fatture in Cloud became part of the TeamSystem group, and in the following years it continued to grow. Daniele and his team decided to take on a new challenge: developing a cloud platform dedicated to personnel management. They chose Moze to design the User Experience and create the software interface.


Through a co-design workshop involving the team from MadBit Entertainment, designers from the Moze team and personnel management experts, we defined the main features of Dipendenti in Cloud and made some quick sketches of the most complex parts of the software.


We identified the most important and complex functionality from the User Experience point of view: the timesheet. This is a single view from which the personnel manager must be able to see the situation regarding employees’ attendance, holidays, leave and sickness. Employees also have access to the timesheet, where they can forward the requests necessary to obtain days or hours off.

We therefore created two interactive prototypes of the timesheet, comparing different design patterns with the aim of identifying the best one.


We met with some potential users of Dipendenti in Cloud, such as HR Managers and administrative secretaries. We interviewed them to learn more about their experience with the solutions currently available, and get their feedback on the two hypotheses for the User Interface.


UX & UI Design

In the following months, we defined the User Experience and designed the User Interface of the SaaS solution, progressively delivering interactive prototypes for front-end development.

Design System & Story Map

Our design contribution concluded with the production of the Design System: a set of components, rules and guidelines designed to ensure stylistic continuity and a consistent User Experience in future developments.

Through the User Story Mapping technique, we also mapped all the functionalities of Dipendenti in Cloud, including those envisaged for future releases. This way we have guaranteed the team the possibility of always looking the product from the user’s point of view.

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