To-do app for minimalists

We redesigned the personal task manager on macOS to bring more clarity and focus. We wanted to create an essential and beautiful user interface and a lightweight, native user experience.

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2019 – 2020

  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design
  • App Dev

To-do apps are rich in features and special effects. Driven by the desire to create a simple, yet beautiful product and to learn native macOS development, we worked on an internal project and we named it Done – the to-do app for minimalists.

Concept and coding with Swift & AppKit

We designed the app look & feel from the ground-up. Our goal was to give people the feeling of writing on a blank piece of paper. We’ve done this by heavily customising AppKit default components appearance and behaviour.

The app essential design aims at reducing any distraction, to let people focus on their tasks. We used native code to make it fast, and carefully designed simple interactions to make it beautiful to use it daily.


To make Done we looked for the best information architecture and the most convenient user interactions, leveraging micro-animations and keyboard shortcodes.
We designed the user interface software using UML in order to define relationships, entities, properties and methods – and to anticipate possible pitfalls during the software development.

Done is built with Xcode, AppKit and Swift, the programming language created by Apple to develop apps on their platforms. We used ReactiveSwift, a library based on the concept of streams of values over time.

Done is free to download at

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