How a fintech startup embraced data-driven design

Euclidea wants to make Wealth Management accessible to everyone via the Internet — reaching customers directly — using a proprietary data science solution to support the inhouse investment team.

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In 2017 Mario Bortoli, Luca Valaguzza and Giovanni Folgori launched Euclidea, an online wealth management firm, with the goal to extend private banking privileges — traditionally reserved for those who own big capital — to everyone, even those with smaller initial investments.

Euclidea’s new technology enables the in-house investment team to serve a greater number of customers at a much lower cost.

We’ve helped Euclidea’s team to grow their customer base by improving the design of the acquisition and onboarding process.

Growth as design experiments

In order to improve the rate of new visitors turned customers (conversion rate), we wanted to follow a data-driven approach — a process based on continuous experimentation.

Alongside Euclidea’s team we created an initial list of design experiments we wanted to test with fast releases and immediate measurements.

Data-driven design

The main focus was to improve the existing homepage metrics. We wanted to test design hypothesis to get more people onboard by focusing on the emotional value of the product itself.

We tested a series of focused improvements and measured how much we were increasing the number of people who clicked the first call to action.

The Jobs-to-be-done framework as a way to know more of your clients

We also wanted to gather more from Euclidea’s clients and prospects. The goal was to do user research to understand how forces impact a customer’s choice.

We choose the Jobs-to-be-done framework, promoted by Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen as a way to help innovative companies to effectively design their products and services around their customers.

We interviewed more than 30 people and mapped their needs, problems and motivations that they were facing when choosing an investment solution.

Content Strategy for a better UX

We then used the valuable knowledge collected from Jobs-to-be-done interviews and from the online quantitative experiments to design highly-effective landing pages to acquire new customers.

A better content strategy and a re-design of the onboarding process made us increase the lead generation rate 8 times over.

Measuring a better UX with A/B testing

With the Euclidea team, we re-thought how the investment proposal was presented to a new customer during the onboarding process. Our goal was to make it simpler and much easier to understand.

We designed a new version and A/B tested it against the existing one. The new version outperformed the older by 2X allowing to collect new sign ups twice as faster.

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