The pioneers of embedded security

Exein is a tech company that develops cybersecurity solutions using Internet of Things technologies. We have worked with Exein from day one, handling its web design and development.

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2018 – 2020

  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Dev
  • WordPress

Exein was founded in 2018 by the entrepreneur Gianni Cuozzo, who was twenty-eight at the time and had already achieved a number of successes in the world of cybersecurity. The company was launched to develop a software solution that can protect a hardware’s dedicated firmware from the inside, working like a vaccine.

Just four months after its foundation, Exein received a large funding: the venture capital fund United Ventures invested 2 million euros in Exein’s development of the first open source security framework for IoT and embedded devices.

Exein chose our firm as a partner for the creation of its brand identity, for the design of its User Experience and User Interface, and for the development of its website.

The brand identity

The design of the Exein logo was inspired by motherboard and processor arrays, offering an immediate visual reference to the unique defensive action of Exein’s products, which act on the hardware starting from its most basic elements.

Our friends at Illo animated the logo to increase its originality and bring out the play on matrices.

The colours for Exein are modern and truly techy: Neon Lime, Deep Grey and Pure White.

We chose Replica as the typeface for the titles, and Simple Mono for the blocks of text.

The first website

We released Exein’s first website in 2019. The main purpose of this site was to make the company and its mission known to the tech community at large. We decided to use dark grey as the dominant colour and to combine the main content with some animations in stylistic continuity with the logo.

The second website

A year after the release of the first site, Exein’s products were at a stage of development where they could be marketed. A new website was required: one intended mainly for B2B customers. The purpose of the new site was to provide more in-depth information on the products and the various possibilities for adopting the Exein technology for companies: from the use of open source code to programs involving the development of customised solutions and dedicated support.

We decided to use white as the primary colour for Exein’s B2B communications, and dark grey for the more technical web pages and documents intended for the community of developers.


The Exein team’s need to easily manage their online content led us to suggest WordPress as the Content Management System on which to base the website.

Since Exein is a company specialised in cybersecurity, it seemed appropriate to investigate possible choices for a higher level of website security than that offered by default by the more commonly-used open source CMS in the world.

We chose HardyPress, a serverless hosting service for WordPress developed in Italy. HardyPress exploits the full potential of WordPress as a CMS while also greatly increasing the performance and security of a website. It does this by creating a completely static version of the site itself. Users access a static front-end, while the real WordPress remains reachable on a separate domain and is activated only when changes need to be made to the site.

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