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Medwork is a web application that helps occupational doctors and companies to perform workers’ health surveillance more efficiently.

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2015 – 2016

  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design
  • User Testing

NSI – an IT company – asked us to design the visual identity and the User Experience of a web application used by occupational doctors, clinics, consulting firms and big companies to improve their cooperation during the health surveillance process.

Shaping an identity

We started from the creation of the health surveillance application’s name: Medwork. Then we created the name of the other two applications, part of the same suite: Safework – a digital platform for managing workplace safety – and Trainwork – a solution dedicated to business training.

We called Forwork Suite the suite that includes Medwork, Safework and Trainwork.

We designed the logos of the four new brands.

Agile UX Design

We carried out User Experience and User Interface design activities through an Agile process, in order to guarantee our client maximum operating flexibility.

We started collecting materials, specifications and requirements useful to define the high-level functioning of the software. We studied the market and some similar solutions.

Together with the NSI team, we defined Medwork’s User Personas – a tool useful to always focus on the user during the various design and development stages of the web application.

We used the User Story Mapping technique to map the new application’s features from the user’s point of view.

We defined a joint operational roadmap with the NSI team. This way, our design releases were continuously followed by front-end implementation, managed by their in-house team.

UI Kit

We created the Medwork UI Kit, a collection of User Interface elements useful to build the various pages of the web application in a consistent way.

Make complexity simple

We designed the User Interface of all the pages of Medwork. For some complex parts of the software we developed several UI options, choosing the best one after live testing sessions carried out with potential users (occupational doctors).

Development supervision

We provided NSI developers with the complete UI layouts of the new web application. We also shared with them all the documentation useful to correctly implement the interaction logics of each component.

During the front-end development process we carried out supervisory activities, to ensure highly consistency with the original design project.

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