The app against food waste

Myfoody allows its users to discover nearly expired products at local supermarkets — saving money and doing some good for the environment. We helped the startup in launching the new app for iOS and Android.

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  • Brand
  • Co-design Workshop
  • UX & UI Design

Myfoody was founded in 2015 to minimise food waste – a phenomenon which involves a third of the world food worldwide, mostly due to inefficiencies in the supply chain. In 2016 Francesco Giberti and his team launched the first release of the app, which allow people to buy nearly-expiring products at a lower price. Myfoody has been chosen among the top-35 european projects for Social Innovation and has been awarded by Apple as one of the best products in the App Store.

In 2019 Moze joins forces with Myfoody to rethink the new iOS and Android apps as well as a new brand identity.

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