Shipping an MVP in just two months

Taskhunters helps students find temporary jobs. We helped its founders design and develop a new B2B service.

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Taskhunters for Business


  • UX & UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Front-end Dev

In 2016 Lorenzo Teodori e Francesco Piovesan founded Taskhunters — the first European platform that helps students to find temporary work.

In 2017 Taskhunters team decided it was time to open a new service for business customers: the goal was to connect companies and university students looking for temporary jobs.

Lean Product Development

Taskhunters team chose Moze to design and develop the User Experience of their web software, with the ambitious goal to ship it in just two months.


Since there was such little time, we had to carefully think about the right steps.

We started identifying what was and wasn’t really essential for a first release and things that could have be delayed.


We used a technique called Story Mapping to map the customer journey and to describe the needed software’s features ordered by priority.

As a result we came up with a simpler and lighter version for the first release (MVP — Minimum Viable Product), that could be built in just two months.

Our front-end development team looked for the best way to do fast and reliable work. To speed up the process we decided to use an existing design system, Google’s Material Design and Material-UI open source library based on React — a technology created by Facebook for their web and mobile products.


After 2 months of hard work we were able to release the web software for desktop and smartphones, specifically designed to follow well-known design paradigms for a simple and fast experience.


Thanks to smart and rapid execution we helped Taskhunters team to match their release goal and to unlock their next move as planned. Released in September 2017, Taskhunters for business acquired 3,000 new users in the following five weeks.

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