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Translated is an Italian technological company that offers professional translation services in 151 languages to over 135,000 customers.

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  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Dev

Translated was founded in 1999 by Isabelle Andrieu – a linguist – and Marco Trombetti – an IT expert – and attained rapid success, distinguishing itself as a professional translation service that deftly combined human creativity and artificial intelligence. On the website, customers can order and receive top quality translations with very short turnaround times.

In the second half of 2018, Translated starts a rebranding project: they hire the German headquarters of frog – a world leader in strategic design – to define the new brand identity and select Moze to create the new version of the website and web application.

UX mapping and technological analysis

In close collaboration with the Translated team, we used User Story Mapping to map the user experience through the various digital touchpoints of the product, defining thus the relevant redesign goals and the technical constraints.
We selected Hugo – an open source framework written in Go – for content management and React – an open source library created by Facebook – to develop the dynamic web application whereby Translated users can request instant quotes and create orders.

Design of the new user interface

We designed the user interface of the website and web application. The new layout, based on the identity guidelines provided by frog and with the contribution of illustrator Marcella Peluffo, aims to make user access to interactive features as simple as possible.

Web development with Hugo and React

We built the new subdividing the work in two-week sprints, during which we made incremental design and technology releases. Thanks to the Agile approach and the team work with the Translated team, the new web application was released in just two and a half months.

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