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With Urca you can find gorgeous venues to celebrate those special moments with loved ones. We helped the startup’s founders in validating the market opportunity with an MVP.

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Partying with friends isn’t ideal in tiny apartments nor in crowded bars and restaurants. So, wouldn’t it be great to get the chance to find new venues that suit your preferences for your own special parties and get-togethers?

Urca’s founders followed their intuition and started a new company: to give people an easier and faster way to find the best venue, so that organizing those special moments can be hassle-free.

From Zero to Lean

At the start of our collaboration, all we had was the initial idea and the many years of experience between the founders, who, coming from the venue rental business, understood the market need and customers’ problems to solve.

Our strategic goal was to give them the way to measure the potential impact of their idea on the market, inspired by the Lean Startup philosophy — moving quickly to figure out what to build and how to build with as few resources as possible, with the goal to validate the product-market fit.


To give initial shape to the idea, we decided to run a Design Sprint — a process created by Google Ventures to rapidly assess new product ideas. In just five days we created a prototype to test on potential customers.

The Brand meets Lean

We got helpful feedback at the end of the Design Sprint and we knew which aspects to improve to make the concept better for potential customers.

The next step: to move from a prototype to a real product available on the web. We started by defining the brand vision and the key elements to form the future relationship between Urca and their customers.

Hit the market and iterate fast

A new product always represents a challenge, especially in the early stages. So how do we get frequent and rapid feedback from the market without getting stuck in long software development cycles?

We created a Minimum Viable Product: a simple yet beautiful website with rich information and minimal contact form to collect booking requests.

Thanks to a Lean approach and an extremely quick execution, we helped Urca’s founders in launching a new product to rapidly validate the product-market hypothesis directly with the most important element for a new product: its early customers.

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