Improving the UX of a financial newspaper

We’ve helped Valori, the digital newspaper from Gruppo Banca Etica, to improve the user experience of the website by focusing on their readers’ needs.

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Valori is the newspaper of the Ethical Finance Foundation, promoted by Banca Etica and Etica Sgr. Through surveys and reports, Valori’s editorial team seeks to raise awareness of the relationship between economic and financial issues and those related to quality of life, the environment and the community.

In 2018, Moze helped Valori redesign the magazine digitally, with the aim of making it more accessible to new generations and optimised for reading on the move.

In 2020, Valori and Moze are joining forces again, with the aim of making new improvements to the reading experience of the online magazine.

UX Interview Sprint

To understand how to improve the website, we decided to investigate its readers’ experience directly together with Valori’s team. We used a process devised within Moze called UX Interview Sprint: an accelerated path of qualitative research based on the Jobs-to-be-done theory, during which individual interviews are conducted with some of a product’s users.

We investigated the reasons that drive users to read Valori and collected information on the quality of their experience in the context of financial data.

By reconstructing the user experience, we developed hypothetical improvements that have fuelled the design process for Valori’s new website.

Design and development

Starting from the feedback collected during the UX Interview Sprint, we have designed the new Valori website by focusing our attention on some specific areas.

We have redesigned the home page to offer users an overview of a higher amount of content highlighted by the editorial staff. We have reorganised the rest of the page to make reading lighter, i.e. with less dense content.

We have improved the layout of Valori’s dossiers to achieve pages with a strong visual impact, as traditionally happens for dossiers in print magazines. First of all, we wanted each dossier to have its own cover with title, image and logo.

We redesigned the experience of reading the article, the heart of the online magazine, by prioritising a layout that in desktop view would use the entire space available more harmoniously, balancing the proportions and size of the typefaces and other visual elements.

We made improvements to the site by working directly on the WordPress theme we had already created during the previous collaboration with Valori, to ensure continuity with the solution already used by the editorial and product development team.

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