Renew the brand and UX of a cloud phone system

Voverc was the first company in Italy to put an entirely cloud-based telephone system solution on the market. We supported the startup in the rebranding process that led to it becoming Voxloud.

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2019 – 2020

  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design

Voverc was founded in 2015 with the aim of offering small and medium-sized businesses an inexpensive and easy-to-use telephone switchboard in the cloud, which can be activated independently without the need for special technical skills.

After being on the market for a few years and an exit that resulted in Voverc becoming part of Wildix, a multinational specialised in VoIP solutions, in 2018, the management felt the need to renew the brand identity and the experience offered to users on the website and in the service onboarding process.

A new brand identity

We developed the brand, starting with the new brand name, Voxloud. The isotype is made up of two elements combined, the megaphone and the lightning bolt, which represent the power of sound and speed respectively.

For the wordmark, we chose a basic font that evokes a modern, professional scenario. The official characters of the brand are those belonging to the GT Eesti Pro Text family, also used in the wordmark.

The colour identity of Voxloud is dominated by black and white, to which are added some colour accents.

The website

We designed the Voxloud website with the aim of giving maximum relevance to the key message of the brand: “Activate your switchboard in the cloud in 59 seconds”.

We have worked to make the main information relating to the service, such as features and prices, as clear as possible.

The onboarding process

Voxloud’s onboarding process allows users to activate their account and try the service for free.

We considered this process to be of strategic importance, given the brand’s promise to offer a simple service that can be activated very quickly. We therefore devoted much of our design efforts related to User Experience to creating a smooth, lean onboarding process.

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