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Wanderio was born in 2013 with the aim to simplify the experience of online planning and buying of a trip. Today thousands of bookings are made monthly on their website and mobile app.

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2013 – ongoing

  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Dev
  • Mobile Dev

The idea

It is estimated that a tourist visits approximately 22 websites before booking their trip. It is a very daunting experience.

This was the starting point for Matteo Colò, Luca Rossi and Disheng Qiu when in 2013 they decided to found Wanderio. They wished to innovate the whole travel industry through a new technology able to compare different means of transportation, find the best combination for you and allow you to book all your itinerary with a single transaction.

Brand Identity

We have been in partnership with Wanderio since day zero. We started designing the brand identity, searching for a fresh look that could distinguish Wanderio from other startups and well known companies in the field.

User Experience

The online booking experience of a trip used to be very complex: comparing flights, trains, buses and boats, filtering the results by price and time, selecting the best means and finally buying the trip. Our mission was to simplify this process.

A great user experience has been a distinguishing factor for Wanderio since the first release of the web platform. Its minimal and functional interface helped thousands of people to simplify their bookings.

Front-end Development

The Wanderio in-house technology team focused on back-end development, basing the platform on Ruby on Rails framework. Moze’s team was in charge of design and front-end development.

When the product was ready and Wanderio started raising funds, we helped the founders in building their internal front-end team, finding the right people and sharing our know-how with them.

Wanderio Mobile

In 2015 Wanderio launched its iOS app. Optimizing the whole Wanderio experience for mobile users was a new challenge for us. A couple of days after the launch, the app was mentioned by Apple in the “Hot this week” section of App Store.

In 2017 we helped Wanderio in developing the Android app, choosing React Native as the most suitable framework.

Wanderio for Business

Together with the Wanderio team we also built a B2B tool for companies which book business trips for their employees. Wanderio for Business helps the administration offices to manage the invoices and other information, all in one place.

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