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How we used Design Sprint to facilitate innovation inside Lastminute.com international group.

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Lastminute.com group is leader in the online travel sector. Its mission is to make travellers’ lives easier through the use of technology. The group operates in 40 countries with brands Lastminute.com, Bravofly, Volagratis, Rumbo and Jetcost. Each month 43 million people rely on the group services.

Lastminute.com asked us to lead their Innovation Team trough an explorative path in order to find out new ways to present and erogate their users ancillary services.

Design Sprint is a process invented by GV (Google Ventures), the investment firm of Google. We used it to help Lastminute.com evaluate new product concepts.

Design Sprint was originally invented to optimize and test new digital business ideas. It is an extremely Agile way to build and validate a prototype in just five days.

We created a dedicated project team, formed by Moze designers and developers and by some Lastminute.com decision makers. We accurately followed the Design Sprint schedule to explore new product concepts:

  1. 1. Understanding the problem
  2. 2. Designing possible solutions
  3. 3. Identifying the best one
  4. 4. Creating a prototype
  5. 5. Testing the prototype with potential users

The participants generated a range of different solutions through guided co-design activities, with the purpose of reach the initial goal. The shared process encouraged know-how exchange between team members, making it possible to quickly find the most appropriate solution and prototype it.

After building the prototype (a hi-fi visual mockup) we met and interviewed five potential users of the new product. They provided valuable suggestions to improve our solution.

Design Sprint allowed Moze and Lastminute.com to design and rapidly crash-test a new business solution. It wasn’t necessary to invest months in development and marketing nor a huge amount of money.

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Design Sprint can help you quickly understand if your product idea is what people really want.

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