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Rataran is a web application that selects and ranks trading talents through an online contest.

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  • Branding
  • User Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Front-end Dev

Rataran was created in 2015 from the meeting of finance professionals driven by the common desire to find new ideas to improve the general model of asset management.

Through a web application, Rataran allows its users to simulate an investment portfolio and monitor its progress over time. User performance is analysed and ranked by an algorithm that rewards the best relationship between risk and return. At the end of the contest, the best ranked users become Rataran’s collaborators, accessing various opportunities in the world of finance.

In 2018 Rataran gets together with Moze to redesign the web application, with the aim of simplifying the user experience and increasing the users’ rate of return.

Design Sprint

Thanks to a Design Sprint, we were able to design and build a prototype of the new web software in just five days and test it with potential users.

The information collected allowed us to gather valuable insights, useful both for understanding users’ needs and for assessing the new User Interface’s ease of use.

Brand identity

We designed Rataran’s new brand identity with the aim of conveying the brand’s maturity and its technological and innovative mission. We asked our friends from Illo to craft the website illustrations and animations.

Agile front-end development

We created the new web software using JavaScript and the Vue.js development framework. We divided the functionalities, defined during the Design Sprint and represented with the User Story Mapping technique, into sprints lasting two weeks each. In just two months, the beta version of the new Rataran was online.

Measuring the results

To understand the impact of the new user experience, together with the Rataran team we defined and mapped the key performance indicators (KPIs). To monitor the progress of these values ​​we created an interactive report using Google Data Studio.

The new user experience has greatly simplified the use of web software, minimising the abandonment rate and increasing the number of active users on Rataran.

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