A new UX to attract the best translators

The new web solution aimed at professional translators who work with Translated, an Italian technology company specialising in online translation.

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  • UX & UI Design
  • Front-end Dev

Translated is an Italian company founded in 1999 by Marco Trombetti and Isabelle Andrieu. The company offers professional translation services, combining human creativity and artificial intelligence.
In 2018, we helped Translated in redesigning and developing the front-end of its web platform.
In 2020, we returned to work with Translated, with the aim of renewing the web solution used by professional translators who work with the company.

Mapping design opportunities

We started the project by studying the existing solution. Specifically, we analysed the user experience of translators who apply to work with Translated through a multi-stage qualification process.
Using the User Story Mapping technique, we identified design opportunities (i.e. possible improvements) for each step of the translators’ user experience. In this way, the concept of the new solution took shape.

UX & UI Design

After having processed the data collected and the design opportunities that emerged in the as-is mapping stage, we designed the User Interface of the new solution.

Our goal was to simplify the way in which candidate data is collected, a previously long and cumbersome process. We decided to design an interface with a conversational paradigm to engage candidates in a gradual qualification process, designed to be easy and user-friendly.

It was important to offer candidates a dashboard where they could manage all the information regarding their relationship with Translated. The challenge was to make the most basic functions (such as, for example, updating skills or entering billing data) coexist with an aspirational section that could support the translator’s growth by means of suggestions, training content and others customised information.

Front-end development with React

Our development team joined forces with Translated’s engineers.
From a technological point of view, we decided to create the new web solution using React, the same JavaScript library already used for the main Translated site. By maintaining continuity in the development stack, we were able to re-use some of the UI components previously developed for the website and other solutions in the Translated ecosystem.
From a methodological point of view, we organised the work in Agile mode, dividing the activities into sprints lasting two weeks. At the beginning of the development activities, we shared a high level roadmap with Translated. At the end of each sprint, we presented the progress of the work to the whole project team and updated the operational plan based on priorities.


After a few months of work, the team of Translated and Moze developers released the new version of the web solution for translators.

The launch of the new solution has garnered extremely positive feedback, managing to both improve the translators’ user experience and bring visual consistency across the various digital touchpoints of the Translated ecosystem.

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